Caring for Stone Table Top

Below are a few tips to keep your Benjamin Grey Rock table leading looking it’s finest:
– Daily Cleansing
For basic cleaning up the Benjamin Grey Rock table tops can be wiped down with water, a small amount soap and also a soft sponge. Recipe cleaning soap and also warm water will certainly remove fingerprints and also most various other oily places. Really persistent spots can be removed with a bristle scrub brush and also cleanser such as Ajax. (This type of cleaning however will certainly remove the gloss and the surface will certainly have to be re-applied.).

– Routine Maintenance.
Repeated cleaning on extremely utilized table tops will gradually wear off the sealant. The surface area might eventually show up duller. For regular maintenance, we recommend using an additional layer of mineral oil. Regularity depends upon usage yet about once every two years for a periodically used dining table. To reapply mineral oil top coat, I suggest blending Watco Natural indoor oil coating with 20% Mineral Spirits and using a thin layer to the stone top. Any type of oil that dries on the surface area will certainly show up shiny and the procedure will require to be duplicated.

– Re-Sealing The Complete.
Let the stone completely dry (a fan will help to speed the completely dry time). When the stone table top is entirely dry, apply the sealant. A third coat might be essential if the rock has been removed.


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