Decorating With Occasional Tables

Occasional tables are pieces of furniture intended for use as needed, and are designed to increase the room’s functionality. The living room or family room is where you relax and entertain. Selecting the right combination of tables to complement the room’s main purpose and its decor will make the room a more comfortable place to spend time.

Coffee tables stand low to the floor and are ideal for placing in front of a sofa or couch. A coffee table is the perfect place to put a cup, a bowl of munchies, reading material or the remote control.

End tables are generally placed beside a chair or on either side of a sofa. Since they are usually chosen to match the style and material of the coffee table, they can harmonize a room. They add functionality by providing a place for task lighting and other items you would like to keep close at hand. End tables are also known as side tables.

Console tables are intended to rest against a wall or sofa. They can add sophistication to a hallway, living room or dining room, especially if they include glass tops or shelves.

Nesting tables are a set of at least two tables of varying heights. They are ideal space-savers for limited or small areas since they can be used as one unit or can be separated and used individually where needed. When decorating a smaller-sized living room, they can replace the traditional coffee table, allowing you to free up floor space and make the room feel more spacious.


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