How To Care For Your Granite Dining Table

Natural granite dining room tables are simpler to protect and keep compared to many people would certainly have you believe. There is no should consider artificial quartz as certain kinds of granite can be equally as challenging. The way that you look after your table will depend on the type of granite it is made from.

When The Table Is Brand New
There are over 40 various kinds of granite as well as the distributor or shop from which you buy your table will be able to suggest you regarding the ideal cleansing techniques. As all types of granite are porous to some level, most tabletops are secured at the manufacturing facility.

Day-To-Day Treatment
Looking after a granite table top is less complicated than you assume. Ideally, you should cleanse your table with a soft cloth every single time you utilize it as well as ideally only use the anti-bacterial wipes in the granite treatment set. Water is the largest enemy of granite so if you make use of these wipes you will dramatically cut down on the danger of discoloration or staining. You need to stay clear of making use of rough or acid-based cleansers as some softer kinds of granite are effortlessly scratched, discolored or etched by unpleasant or citrus-based cleansers.

Re-Seal Your Table Each year
Relying on the kind of granite your tabletop is made from, as well as whether it was factory-sealed, it will require routine re-sealing. The frequency with which you do this will certainly additionally depend upon the grain. An open grain will require more frequent securing with wax while close-grained table tops simply should be re-sealed annually. You can reduce the demand for re-sealing by using the special wipes instead of water as well as avoiding the abrasive cleansers pointed out over.


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