Tree Stump Table – From Reclaimed Tree to Finished Wood

Tree stump tables are an unique item of functional art, geared to the premium indoor design market. Hand-made in the U.S.A of redeemed American trees, each piece is one-of-a-kind and also takes in between two to four years to make. No tree is ever especially cut to make a tree stump table.

Though tiny compared to the moment it considers a tree to expand, the needed period to effectively cure the fresh cut wood is considerable. The sculptor needs to now work out persistence, waiting two to 4 years, based on the dimension as well as types of the log. Air-drying is the popular procedure. As this occurs, the timber will certainly examine (fracture), which is a natural process that is fundamental to the nature of wood. This checking is thought about an accent and design function, not a problem and also in no way endangers the top quality or structure of the item. Though kiln-drying is additionally a possibility to accelerate the cure time, this treatment produces a slightly different finished appearance with bigger monitoring. A continuous supply of brand-new timber is essential in a perpetual cycle of storing, drying, shaping as well as finishing for market launch.

When the wood is at last dry sufficient, the sculpting as well as style starts. At this factor, wood knives and rubber mallets eliminate the bark, which could be a slow-moving as well as painstaking process or a 5 min procedure, depending on the types. Each tree stump table is completed with environmentally friendly or low v.o.c. discolorations, oils, waxes as well as sealants.


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